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The Never Alone Alano Club was formed so that could divest its technical resources and assets into a non-profit Alano Club where meetings are held on the Internet.


Click here for information on the services provided by the Never Alone Alano Club.

To register your group, please click on contact us

Never Alone Alano Club - Online Self-Help, 12-Step, and Recovery Groups

If you have interest in our platform hosting your Self-Help, 12-Step Based, and/or Recovery Group(s), please email [email protected]

All hosted tiers are eligible to set up as invite-only for private groups.

Group Rent is based on the amount of ongoing monthly maintenance for each service tier:

Group RentServices Provided
$10/moWe host a web-based chatroom, a chair robot (if desired). Embed in your existing website as an iFrame. PM is disabled and you have shared tenancy with other chatrooms. TS can not have an "O-Line." (IRC Operator)
$20/moWe host a web-based chatroom, a chair robot (if desired), and your group's website (if desired.) Security features (blocking proxies, Tor, and VPN) included. Group determines how to handle PM. Dedicated tenancy, TS *can* have an "O-Line." (IRC Operator)
$30/moWe host a web-based chatroom, a chair robot (if desired), your group's website, and an internet-facing IRC server for third party clients (IRCCloud, mIRC, etc). Security features (blocking proxies, Tor, and VPN) included.

Website hosting is for static content only.

(HTML/CSS, images only - no scripting or includes allowed) -- Sites that receive more than 100,000 visitors a month or are subject to frequent attacks may need to be relocated to Amazon S3, which does not allow anything but static images and HTML.

One monthly update of your group's meeting format or bot macros is included.

Technical support is free via web/email or $10/incident (phone), phone support will be handled by a to-be-determined Third Party.

Your group decides whether private messaging features are enabled for:

  • Registered guests
  • Trusted Servants Only

    Use cases for PM restriction: Groups having issues with predatory behavior (offering/asking for drugs; sexual harassment) ; Spam in PM ; H&I/correctional setting where a facility does not want participants to private message one another

    Your group decides how to handle nickname registration:

  • Automatic registration, no e-mail validation
  • Automatic registration, email validation
  • Registration manually approved by Trusted Servants

    If your group has issues with trolling/disruptions, we have written a custom BOPM that blacklists Tor, VPN, and over 30,000 open proxies, it may be used freely by any group on our platform.

    What is an Alano Club?

  • A source of information about the diseases of alcoholism and addiction.
  • A meeting place for recovery groups to have meetings on a regular basis.
  • A facility to provide social and recreational activities for the recovering addict/alcoholic and their families in a clean and sober environment.
  • A contact point for individuals seeking assistance in the recovery process.
  • A non-profit corporation owned solely by its members and funded entirely through dues, contributions.

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