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The Never Alone Alano Club was formed so that could divest its technical resources and assets into a non-profit Alano Club where meetings are held on the Internet.


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Never Alone Alano Club - Online Self-Help, 12-Step, and Recovery Groups

What is an Alano Club?

  • A source of information about the diseases of alcoholism and addiction.
  • A meeting place for recovery groups to have meetings on a regular basis.
  • A facility to provide social and recreational activities for the recovering addict/alcoholic and their families in a clean and sober environment.
  • A contact point for individuals seeking assistance in the recovery process.
  • A non-profit corporation owned solely by its members and funded entirely through dues, contributions.

    The Never Alone Alano Club is an outside facility providing meeting space for Self Help, 12-Step Based, and other recovery groups. We have no affiliation with the groups we provide a meeting space for.

    The NAAC exists for one purpose only: To rent virtual meeting space to member groups, keep its websites / chat server / chair robots running.

    The NAAC does not involve itself in disputes over how member groups are run (i.e. we have no authority over and will not review or remove their bans.)